Introducing Cash Monkey, Pawnbrokers Nottingham Review

Getting yourself some quick cash from the stuff you no longer use can just feel amazing. There is no need to arrange your house for a bunch of old tools or book, plus you get some money in hands. If you live in Nottingham, you probably want to have some time to look around and find one that will pay you for old pieces of stuff. However, this is going to be your lucky day as we reveal the best pawnbroker Nottingham for you.

Here comes the best for pawnbroker for you, the place I went into a few days ago to turn my old laptop into cash as I had an emergency need. What do I feel about this place? Well. I summarize everything I experienced in this place.
pawnbroker Nottingham
1. I feel welcomed
When I think of a pawnbroker, my mind would automatically be related to a place that serves a cold-hearted service with rude staffs. That was also what I thought when I stood in front of the Cash Monkey’s door. However, by the time I came in, everything changed out of sudden. I was welcomed with a warm greeting from a gentle staff. He was the one who guided me through all the process.

2. Reasonable price
When they told me about the price of my laptop, I was quite shocked. It was too cheap than I thought it would be. Without even asking them, they explained it to me. The staff (the one that greeted me), had a long talk about why they offer that amount of price for my laptop. As they said that my laptop had a lot of malfunction, which they showed me right away, I felt just fine and accept that reasonable price.

3. They only sell worth-buying goods
As they said all the malfunction my laptop had, I was getting curious. What will happen to my laptop? Would they sell it back right away in other branches? What if they would? Then someone else would have my laptop in exchange for a high price. That’s what I thought at first. But, the staff explained to me that they would try to fix it first before raising the price and selling it back. He said that if they failed to fix it, the pawnbroker would just sell the spare parts that are still good and worth buying.
Overall, it was having a nice time in that pawnbroker. I think I will go back there when I need something with my extra cash.

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